Onboarding experience design of a faith-based investing mobile app

Sanctify is is a newly emerging investing app initiated by our client IWP Capital. Help users invest with ethical purposes by checking on the background of relevant listed companies

Project Type

UX contract project, Mobile App, UX & UI design, Prototyping, Usability test, Hi-fi

Business Goal

Helped the client improve the conversion rate and decrease the drop rate.

My Contribution

User Interview, Ideation. Persona, Prototyping, Usability test, UI Design


Jul 2022 - Dec 2022

*Sanctify is awarded as the Red Dot Award: Concept Design 2023.


Project Context

Fintech apps have become game changers in this revolution -- they simplified payments and put financing at our fingertips.

A web-based screening platform is utilized by IWP Capital's financial advisors to evaluate whether the stocks/funds align with Catholic values. Sanctify aims to attract new users with easy access on mobile, and to expand user from Catholics to all faith-based investors


Project Challenges

High drop-out rate in the current MVP testing

Sanctify’s current MVP testing with five potential users shows that the onboarding process is too long (09:30min), and three out of five users hesitated to offer their information after signing up. The drop-out rate is 60%.

Challenge 1:

Learn about investing domain knowledge

No one in the design team has direct investing or financial professional knowledge. To understand the domain knowledge and user needs, we have done extensive research, including reviewing professional reports.

Challenge 2:

Collaborate with non-tech background client

Client is a traditional financial company and this is their first efforts to develop an app. Without a PRD, we need to the right questions to reveal information. We educated clients about design process and drafted PRD with support of client.

Challenge 3:

Design delightful illustrations in a short frame of time

Used open source illustrations and made adjustments.



We aligned the client team to follow an iterative design process in which designers focus on the users' needs in each phase. The design teams met and aligned with the stakeholders throughout the design process.


A Faith-based Investor

Insights form User Interview

  1. Users would like to spend less time creating a new account and onboarding the product.

  2. Users are concerned about trusting a newly emerging financial app and protecting personal info.

  3. Users want easy access and a pleasant visual style in the app.


Competitive Analysis

Based on the design scope from the client, our team conducted a competitive analysis and a couple of stakeholder interviews for initial insights. I researched similar successful fintech products on the market to learn about why users choose them.

I identified the conceptual design principles with input from the client. A good onboarding experience can be measured in the dimensions of  Visual Quality, Process Length, Company Promotion, Security Level, and Information Collection. I condensed the core design measurements and show the data visually.

Detail Competitive Analysis

Insights of Competitive Analysis

At the same time, I examine comparable thriving fintech offerings on the market to discern why users gravitate towards those products. I deconstruct the notion of an excellent onboarding experience and structure it based on Visual Quality, Process Length, Company Promotion, Security Level, and Information Gathering, distilling numerous key design factors that impact the onboarding journey. Design principles of onboarding experience:

  • An appropriate process length with the necessary information collection

  • A chance for the company to demonstrate their crucial features

  • Multiple information and identity protection measures

  • A vivid and pleasant interface appearance


Design Scope

Redefine Onboarding Experience

Designing the onboarding experience for users to do purpose investing with an app is our main task for this project. Given the characteristic of financial apps, an extra amount of information needs to be collected during the process, making users more likely to give up halfway through and enhancing the difficulty of creating a pleasant onboarding experience.

"68% of consumers abandoned"

Signicat’s Battle to Onboarding report has found that 68% of consumers abandoned the application process of a financial service product - meaning that financial service providers lost an estimated €5.7 billion during the onboarding process.

How might we create an encouraging, secure, and attractive onboarding experience for users?

New account

sign up

Cell Phone




Risk Profiling


The above four core functionalities are from team discussion and alignment with the client and are intended to be included in the final onboarding process.


User Flow

1st Round - New User Onboarding

Insights from User Flow

Insight 01

How might we help users get started with the process?

Begin with simpler tasks (basic details) and include a welcome & introductory page that makes new users familiar with our product and fosters trust. Introduce transition pages that indicate the user's position in the onboarding journey.

Insight 02

How might we help users address financial query demands with confidence?

Consider if we provide users a chance to exit the process, allowing them "finish it later" to complete the remaining steps. Implementing verification techniques can help diminish feelings of insecurity.

Insight 03

How might we help users fully understand the process and make their own choices?

Our design goal is to make users feel that they are not forced to use the service. We want to build trust with users by providing opportunities to get familiar with the process and to make their own choices.

User Flow Updates - New User Onboarding



01 Onboarding Process Breakdown

“The process seems too tedious to me. I have no idea if I want to finish it.” - Participant 4


Users merely observe a finalization alert after concluding the whole procedure, possessing reduced clarity regarding the duration of the process.


The procedure will be separated into three phases. A full page succeeds each to mentally offer users a feeling of accomplishment.

02 Encourage Users to Complete Risk Profiling Questionnaire

“I know this is necessary. But I feel tired answering these questions” - Participant 3


Several queries are displayed on a single page, allowing visitors to scroll through and complete them. This can lead to the perception of a large amount of data being gathered.


Decreasing the data concentration by distributing queries across multiple pages and improving legibility through incorporating visual components and reorganizing the entire structure.

03 Multi-methods of Verification Key Screens

“I feel it's not easy to understand such sensitive info and procedures.” - Participant 2


Traditional authentication techniques are integrated within the procedure.


Various validation techniques to enhance user versatility in options and boost security standards. Moreover, we incorporate supplementary clarification of the validation objective and strategy, improving client confidence.

04 Blending In Promotion Opportunities

“I may need more chances to learn about this product.” - Participant 1


Single sign-up / login page with limited information about the product.


Extra welcome pages with vivid illustrations help users learn about the demonstration of core features to start their journey to faith investing with Sanctify App.

05 Visual Quality of Interface & Design System

“I would be drawn to visual aesthetics in a pleasing onboarding experience.” - Participant 3


Comparatively subdued saturation and darker hues in the backdrop can cause boredom among users.


An increased saturation level enhances the new color scheme, generating a more vibrant visual experience. Crucially, it makes users feel comfortable to use.


Hi-Fi Prototype

Build trust at the beginning

Elaborate the value of Sanctify and establish trust right away.

Allow users to "Finish it later"

Prevent the enforcement of information collecting, and avoid causing users overwhelming.



The new onboarding experience design launched in Feb 2023. Users can join the waitlist.

During A/B testing, the avg. onboarding time dropped from 9'30" to 7'15", and the drop- rate decreased from 60% to 20%.

Over 3,000 new users joined

the waitlist within 90 days of

the beta release launch



Collaborate more, as well as usability test more

To provide a confident and smooth user experience, enhanced collaboration between design and engineering teams is needed to improve the transition to the main features. Conducting more usability testing and interviews would also be valuable in understanding user needs and aligning with their preferences throughout the design phases.